This growing field of mediation deals with the issues associated with getting older and the concerns and responsibilities of the attending family.  

Mama has three children, only one of whom lives here in Memphis.  Often that child bears the weight of responsibility of getting mama to the doctor, the housing situation, financial concerns, decision making -- in general, being the primary caregiver.  So how do the syblings help? 

What if Mama has remarried and he requires attention?

Sometimes, one child thinks a parent needs a conservatorship and Mama and another child disagree.

It is time to break up the old family home.  Who gets what?

Who is this friend or neighbor of Mama's who has volunteered to handle her finances? ? ?  

What if the health care system is in conflict with the family over Daddy's care?

Often, end of life issues arise and none of the papers are in order.

Litigation is costly and counterproductive to cooperative sharing of responsibilities.

MEDIATE these issues with a mediator who has studied these concerns.